Thanks to everyone who helped get Misteltoe back to the UK.
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Here's a note from her mum ...

Dear friends of the Mistletoe Travel Fund and fellow Cat Lovers,

Mistletoe has been a much loved and treasured cat for ten plus years, by myself and my family and I really do not know where to start in saying a very heartfelt and warm THANK YOU to each and every one of you who has donated towards her homecoming fund. Mistletoe is a lucky lady as her family has such an extended membership now, each of you is so very much a part of her present and her future. I so look forward to holding her again and watching her climb, chase and push the other cats around (she is such a fussy old girl!) but another enjoyable part of having Mistletoe home will be keeping in touch with all of you and informing you of her progress through our joint friend and organiser, Ingrid.

Your kindness, generosity and support of Ingrid's fund raising is out of this world, I feel truly humbled by every donation you have all made, I wish so much that I could contact each of you individually and tell you what a difference you have made in the life of Mistletoe and her family.

Ingrid has been a rock in a storm she loves all the cats in her care and they are very lucky to have her wonderful Haven, but even more so they and Mistletoe are all so dependent on your untiring help and support. What you have achieved is incredible, I truly cannot express my gratitude and thanks enough. I hope one day to be able to repay your help to Mistletoe by sending my own donations to the cats at the Haven, via Ingrid, in order to help her in her ongoing work to rehome and look after so many cats who require their own forever homes.

I will never forget what you have done for Mistletoe and I will always feel deeply indebted, grateful but most of all truly THANKFUL to each and every one of you.

Without your donations Mistletoe's Travel Fund would never have been a success, each of you has played such an important role in Mistletoe's life and for that I want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, your kindness is priceless!!!

I send my love and affection to each of you on behalf of Mistletoe and her family.


The orignal plea to help Mistletoe

Mistletoe is a 10-year old cat who came out from the UK with her family to start a new life in Australia. The family members were four humans, two dogs and two cats Mistletoe and Tom. Another, little Tinkerbell, joined them in Australia.

Now the sad story begins … the 19-year-old daughter didn’t like Australia at all so decided to return to the UK. The family had had some previous tragedies in their lives and this decision by the daughter basically forced them to decide that they had to go back to the UK for to be all together.

This sadly didn’t include the animals as there was no money left to ship them back.

The two dogs have been rehomed and recently I was checking the Catmatch site and found Julliet advertising the three cats, free to good home. Well, her way of writing touched me as I have been through almost the same when we lost our farm so I wrote to her and told her to contact me if no homes could be found.

Mistletoe, Tom and Tinkerbell came to stay at the Haven in late July but I could not get Mistletoe out of my mind and one night I woke up and thought, 'Fund raising, I have to get Mistletoe back home where she belongs.'

This is where I am now. I will need $2,700. I have opened a bank account, reward interest, called Mistletoe’s Travel Fund. I have booked her into a clinic for her to have a rabies shot which she must have before entering Europe. This vaccine will take months to work, I think around six months before she has a blood test and is declared fit for travel. Mistletoe will stay with me till she can fly out so to save cost instead of going into quarantine in the UK. I am planning to have a raffle for her, I am planning to beg everyone I know to help out, I have been thinking fund raising dinner, my head is spinning from all this thinking.

I am now asking you, on Mistletoe’s behalf, to help me reach my goal. It has got nothing to do with Julliet and her family, nor with me, but has got everything to do with Mistletoe. Tom and Tinkerbell I think I can find homes for but Mistletoe is a senior cat, she is depressed and is not suited to live as a shelter cat and I just know in my heart I have to help her.

Please, think of a little cat who through no fault of her own lost everything and is stranded in a foreign country. If you can find it in your hearts to help her going back home by donating some money I will be eternally grateful, I already am to most of you but this is something I have to do, just like I have to stop the pound cats from being put down.





Dagny now lives in Footscray. Read all about her in our Happy Tails section.

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