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DABS Desexing and rescue
The Domestic Animal Birth-control Society is a Registered Charity, and a Registered Co-operative Society, whose members are dedicated to promoting the welfare of domestic animals, particularly in regard to desexing dogs and cats, thus reducing the numbers of unwanted puppies and kittens born, many of which have no hope of finding any sort of home, let alone a GOOD HOME.
World Society For The Protection Of Animals
For a world where animal welfare matters, and animal cruelty ends... For 25 years, WSPA has aimed to promote the concept of animal welfare in regions of the world where there are few, if any, measures to protect animals.

Find out about Anne Walker's amazing animal books and read her blog.

Lavender Passion Gallery
Traditional Realist artists Brenda & Graeme Matson are very passionate about the production and marketing of lavender and the therapeutic value of this magical herb. Their range includes 'pussy pillows' and 'canine cushions'.

The Burning Season
An amazing green documentary about deforestation and the plightr of the orangutan.

Australian Association for Humane Research
Australian Association for Health Research is a non-profit organization that challenges the use of animals in research on both ethical and scientific reasons and encourages the use of more humane and scientifically-valid non-animal methods of research.
The one stop shop for people who care about animals.
A huge range of cruelty free, vegan products delivered to your door anywhere in Australia.
Resist the temptation to buy that gorgeous kitten or puppy in the window. Because this lucrative pet shop market exists in Australia, backyard breeders and "puppy farms" who supply to pet shops continue to churn out more and more poor puppies and kittens, much to the detriment of the animals.

Approximately 130,000 dogs and 60,000 cats are killed at pounds every year. Unbelievable, eh? The practice of selling animals from pet shops promotes impulse buying and irresponsible breeding for profit. Please help us to stop it. We already have far too many dogs and cats without homes.
Choose Cruelty Free (CCF) is an independent, non-profit organisation which seeks to promote a cruelty-free lifestyle. CCF is totally self-funded by subscriptions, Licensee fees, donations and fund-raising activities. All monies raised go toward the production and distribution of CCF literature, which is distributed free of charge. CCF is run by non-paid, dedicated volunteers.
Animals Australia is a peak body representing some 38 animal advocacy organisations. Since 1980 we have been uniting organisations and individuals in Australia who share the conviction that animals suffering is unnecessary and unjustified. We provide a strong united voice for those who cannot defend themselves. Our vision is for a world where animals are not exploited for profit or entertainment and where all animal suffering is eliminated. is a website and a campaign that has been created by Animals Australia to highlight the suffering of factory farmed pigs in Australia. Laws have failed to protect millions of pigs each year from acts of cruelty. The website has been created to inform, educate and empower consumers to help created needed change.
Welcome to The Vet Shed. Our aim is to provide pet care and health products at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on maintaining exceptional customer care and service, we stock only genuine, quality products and guarantee prompt delivey.
The Vet Shed Team of experienced Veterinarians and Vet Nurses will be more than happy to help you with any enquiries or professional advice on products or pet care. We sell a wide range of animal products.
Vegan Perfection is based in Melbourne, importing, exporting and distributing exclusively vegan brands to health food and organic shops plus restaurants, caterers and directly to customers via their website. They specialise in fine organic foods that are free from all traces of animal 'products' and cholesterol and also sell books and organic vegan bodycare completely free from parabens or nasty chemicals.
Pet sitting, pet minding, pet boarding, dog walking, doggy daycare and pet taxi services throughout the Melbourne area.

Rescue sites
Rocky's K9 Rescue is a group of dedicated volunteers who save loving and deserving dogs and cats from death row in the pounds. All of our animals are desexed, vaccinated and checked out by the Vet. From there, our dogs and cats are placed in foster care or boarding kennels while we search for their forever homes. Rocky's does not discriminate by age, size or breed. We rescue all kinds of dogs - the good, the sad and the ugly - and we specialise in large dogs. We also rescue cats, kittens and the occasional rabbit.

Bendigo Animal Welfare and Community Services
Bendigo Animal Welfare and Community Services (BAWCS), formerly Bendigo Animal Shelter, was founded in 2003 and is a registered charity. Our approach is unique in comparison to other animal welfare organisations. Rather than focussing on what people can do for animals; we instead focus on what animals can do for people. The end result is that both people and animals have the opportunity to share in a nurturing environment with positive outcomes for both.
With this underpinning philosophy, we provide programs in the key areas of Community Support, Education and Animal Welfare.

DABS Desexing and rescue
The Domestic Animal Birth-control Society is a Registered Charity, and a Registered Co-operative Society, whose members are dedicated to promoting the welfare of domestic animals, particularly in regard to desexing dogs and cats, thus reducing the numbers of unwanted puppies and kittens born, many of which have no hope of finding any sort of home, let alone a GOOD HOME.
PetRescue is a central place to find shelter animals searching for loving homes. The free service has listings from right across Australia. PetRescue is working hard towards the day when there are no more homeless pets and animal rescuers are not needed at all.
PAWS comprises a small group of self-funded rescuers and volunteer foster carers and walkers whose primary aim is to help lost or abandoned animals in NSW. We are only a small group of people doing their best to help animals who find themselves in the pound through no fault of their own. We rely mainly on word of mouth to promote our website, which features animals who are either currently in the pound, or who have been rescued from Death Row and placed with a foster carer.
The dogs in our rescue program are usually brought to our attention by the staff of the Department of Animal Services or RSPCA shelters. They are noticed by the staff who feel that they have potential and would make a good pet for someone. They are assessed by us with people, other dogs and various other animals to ensure a sound temperament before the decision is made to foster and eventually place them in a caring new home. The dog is then checked by a vet, heartworm tested and given any medical treatment required. All dogs stay with a foster carer for at least one week during which time they are vaccinated, wormed, spayed or neutered and given a flea and tick treatment. This time gives the foster carer time to evaluate the dogs personality and to assess it's special needs so that it can be matched to the ideal home.
Our mission is to find responsible permanent loving homes for retired racing greyhounds, to provide for their health and welfare and to educate people about the availability and absolute suitability of greyhounds as pets.

Cat sites
A great Australian resource for cat lovers, with links, health info and cat care tips.
Ozkitty is Australia's new resource for cat owners: products, services, registered breeders and rescue links.

A comprehensive guide about pet safety, which includes chapters on common household hazards for pets, food safety for pets, pet-proofing, and natural disaster preparation for pet owners. The guide was created to help people make truly better decisions about their pets and was written by industry experts. Because of the unbiased approach, many publications, government entities, and businesses already use these guides as resources for their readers.

Life is tough for the street dogs of Peru, and Cristina Corales is doing something about it. This web site has been created to tell you the story, to ask for your help and to keep you regularly updated.

Based in a very basic shack at the edge of the Tambopata River in the Amazonia jungle town of Puerto Maldonado, Cristina is helping to improve the lives of many neglected dogs. Most of the dogs suffer from malnutrition, sores, mange and flea/tick infestations. In addition to caring for many dogs in her own home, Cristina also runs feeding and sterilisation programmes and helps by providing free veterinary care where necessary.
Soi Dog Foundation (SDF) is a volunteer and not-for profit organisation in
Phuket, Thailand. Its aims are to reduce the population of unwanted stray
dogs and cats through humane sterilization. To treat and improve the lives
of the remaining animals, and it operates a shelter and rehoming centre for abandoned and abused dogs.By the end of September 2006 SDF had sterilized over 14,000 animals on Phuket, including over 10,000 dogs. It also treats sick and injured animals and responds to emergency calls from the general public. All of SDF funding is from donations. It does not receive any government funding.

Please help SDF to continue its work by going to to make a donation or sponsor a dog. You really will be making a difference in these dog's lives. If you have any further questions or would like more
information please email me directly at
Based in the UK, Aristocat Rescue are a dedicated bunch of people who rescue and rehome cats. They have a great website that all cat lovers will appreciate. It includes cat stories, articles and some humour!
Millions of animals are rescued across America by shelters every year. Your daily click provides food for an animal in a shelter or sanctuary.

Cynthia is a primadonna. Today she lives in Broadford with Bernard, who was also adopted from Ingrid's Haven.

Ingrid's Haven, PO Box PO Box 323, Broadford 3658 Victoria.
Call 0417 360 700.




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