Over 250,000 unwanted cats and dogs are killed in pounds and shelters in Australia every year, just because they can't find homes.

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Border Collies make the best friends

Best of friends

Read all about a cat Ingrid called Garfy, he was starving when Ingrid took her under her wing, but he's anything but starving now... He has a new home with some real animal lovers and a new name.
Click here to find out Garfy's new name ...
and all about his second lease of life.


Chester turns a house into a home


We got Chester from Ingrid’s Haven over three years ago. He had had a couple of homes before that didn’t work out. He has settled in with us and is part of the family now. He is my pride and joy. Chester loves to be warm and seeks out the sunny windowsills and heating ducts. Chester is quite athletic and scurries and plays with great enthusiasm. He has as much food as he wants and just leaves what he doesn’t need, controlling his own weight. Chester ensures that no mice or spiders bother us. In cold weather Chester is like having a hot water bottle on your lap.
Without Chester our household would be a cold and sterile place.
Carol and Ross

Marvin, a greyhound rescue's best pal

Marvin the cat and Maggie the rescue greyhound

Click here for the big picture and to read all about Marvin the Wonder Cat's special way with rescue greyhounds.

Small cat, big personality


Bert is a three-year-old who we adopted from Ingrid's Haven back in March 2003. He has always been the source of much joy to us, although not always to our older cat Puss!
Bert just oozes character, and he is the most wonderfully socialised
cat we have ever come across.
He led a nomadic life as a kitten, eventually ending up in the pound which is where Ingrid found him.
Thanks to Ingrid he was given another chance at life, and so we were
given the chance to share our home with this fantastic cat.
At the moment our new baby daughter is just getting acquainted with
Bert, we think they're going to be the best of pals.
Brian and Katharine

Blanche, a very special girl
Blanche lounged around at the Haven for a very long time. Ingrid worried that beautiful Blanche, who had suffered from cancer on her ears, would never find a home.
Then someone special came along. The special human had also had also survived cancer, and took Blanche into her heart and home. 

Two special ladies. Blanche


Dagny has a new name. Read her letter to Ingrid to find out what it is.

Finally, a home
Lovely, friendly Dagny spent a full three-and-a-half years at Ingrid's Haven before meeting her match. The violins played when her new human saw this pretty girl for the first time. Dagny has a new name along with her new home, click on the link below to read Dagny's email and find out what her new name is.

Read Dagny's email to Ingrid


Andrew finds a canine companion

Andrew and Bandit Andrew loves people too

Hi Ingrid,
Andrew (Smokey as the boys call him) has settled in very well ... As you will see from the photos he as well and truly settled in!
Lazing around
He and Bandit the pup are best of mates (currently tearing around the
house together!) and he wins every wrestling match!

Andrew relaxes in his new home

Othello, pictured at Ingrid's Haven.

A real gentleman ...
Othello is a senior cat, a lovely gentleman aged around 10 years ... happily he has now found a home of his very own. His new mum Angela took the time to email Ingrid to say how Othello is going, and all about his trip from Ingrid's Haven at Wallan, Victoria, all the way to Dubbo, NSW.

Read Angela's email to Ingrid

Othello likes to make his mum laugh

... and a funny fellow
Othello's mum Angela writes:
"One day he was meowing because I was serving custard and he stood up on his hind legs and just balanced there ... I couldn't believe it! So then I got some of the custard on the spoon and held it above him and he gobbled the lot! So that's his new favourite trick. But because he was doing so well on his diet I changed from the custard to low-fat yoghurt for the sake of his weight!"

See more Othello antics here!

Othello and friend The Continuing adventures of Othello...
Read Angela's latest update and see new photos of this funny fellow and his trip to Perth.

Read the WA update

Shadow Note from a vet nurse
I do not know how to begin to thank you for my wonderful cats. About two years ago I was working at West Brunswick Veterinary Clinic, a client brought in a pure black kitten who was just adorable ... read more


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