Skittles' story

Dear Ingrid,

Many apologies for this long overdue email. I keep on planning to sit down and write up a fantastic email for you that can be posted onto the web site (Webmaster's note: you have! This is fantastic!), but I'll have to make do with this quick update and a couple of photos for you.

Skitty (Skittles) is absolutely wonderful.

Very much her own style of cat with particular likes and dislikes, but just the loveliest creature you'd ever meet. She will not let you pick her up for longer than three seconds, does not want to sit on laps, and will tear your arm off if you try to put her into the carry cage to visit the vet. However, none of that really matters because she is just so wonderful.


First of all, she is supermodel attractive. So good looking that I've stopped telling her anymore, because it's just that obvious.

Second, she is lovely by nature. After taking lots of time to settle in, she is now very friendly and affectionate. She always comes to greet me for pats whenever I wake up, or when I get home from work. Looooooves a long pat, and will pace back and forth in front of you while you pat her for as long as you're willing to go. Skitty politely greets you with a soft "brr, brr, brrrrr" to announce herself, and then very much keeps to herself.

Third, she does not bother me when I'm sleeping. Just wanders off for a nap or plays with her toys until the next time I pass by, at which point she must be acknowledged with long pats. If I get up in the middle of the night for a glass of water, long pats must be given, but then when I go back to sleep so does she. Just lovely.


Important Notes
Kitty loves to play. Oh, yes ... loves to play. It's always time to play. The only thing better than long pats is playtime. When's playtime? Playtime is all the time. The kitten is always ready to play without notice, but there are favorites among the toys. The top three toys are listed as follows and rank equally, for different reasons:

Mousey: mousey costs a couple of dollars from the pet store. Not any fancy sound producing, catnip filled, vibrating or realistically lifelike or anything like that ... just plain old $2.95 bottom of the range green-coloured mousey. Skitty, loves to play with her mousey and will carry it around the house, or even play fetch when you throw mousey across the room.

Laser pen: very dangerous if directed at eyes so owners must be careful and keep the dot away from kitten eyes at all times. That said, Skitty goes completely insane for the laser. Will chase the laser dot up walls, over beds, absolutely anywhere. It's like watching a video on fast forward, her chasing the laser dot is so fast and intense. Laser is an excellent way to wear out the kitten before bed. Wonderful exercise.

String: string was instrumental in the original befriending of Skitty in the early days. Back in the first weeks of Skitty living with me she was very frightened, timid, and generally unhappy. She wouldn't come close enough to let me pat her and hissed when approached on almost every occasion. I would have to lure her out with the string to play and then quickly give her a quick pat or two when she was unaware. This went on for several days before I could give her quick pats without having to trick her into it.


I can hardly even remember that kitten, as the current Skittles is now well and truly at home with me, and with her surroundings. She is currently sitting next to me on the bean bag attacking and chewing on my hand as I reach over to give her long pats. She only attacks gently though. It's her way of thanking me for the long pats, and I appreciate this of course. She likes to demonstrate how in battle she could in fact bite by arm nine times in carefully selected places to immobilise me completely... But now as I type she is once again appreciating long pats and purring away happily. More bites later on then, I guess.

Anyway, I'll leave it there for now but write you again down the track. I have attached some photos of the super lovely kitten for your enjoyment. I'm also listing some links to video downloads so you can see Skitty in action. Well worth a look ...

All the best,
Mike and Skitty

November 20, 2006


Cynthia is a primadonna. Today she lives in Broadford with Bernard, who was also adopted from Ingrid's Haven.

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