Mims comes out of her shell


Hey Ingrid,

Thought I'd email you to thank you again for finding Matt and I such a lovely cat!!! Sorry we dropped the 'e' in Mims - my mum saw it written down and thought it was called 'Mime-s' after those characters with white gloves and faces in the old black & white movies that can't speak so they have to mime everything. Pronunciation just seemed easier without the 'e'.

When we went to the shelter we didn't know what to expect. I'm glad I asked your advice on what cat to take home - Matt and I could've taken any one of them and would have loved them regardless of their nature or physical attributes. It would have been too hard for us to choose - we liked every cat we saw! When we told you that we just wanted 'the cat that really needed a home', you showed us Mims straight away. She'd been hiding out in her little box, hardly ever coming out, she was so little and sweet and shy - I still cannot understand how this lovely little cat had no one to love her! She's so clean, well mannered and good natured - it will remain a mystery to me how anyone could possibly not want her.

We've had Mims for a few weeks now, and we cannot imagine life without her!! She was a little bit cautious at the beginning, she kept curling up in a little ball under the bed after she'd 'explored' our place a little bit. If she was there for more than an hour we'd coax her out - we tried to let her know she didn't have to hide anymore!! Each day she settles in a bit more (and gets more smoochy - last night she curled up on my lap for the first time - it was such a wonderful surprise!!). We try to let her do her own thing and let her know this is her home too so she gets used to it in her own time - it's great seeing her go from being a little stand-offish to actively seeking out our company!

She's a completely different cat to the one we met at the shelter. We got her home and she started exploring straight away. You said people only tended to like the cats that were open and friendly immediately - we are proof that the shy cats come out of themselves with their own home and someone to love them!! I think it takes a while to get any cat to trust you, let alone one that had been abandoned. This makes getting one of your shelter cats all the more rewarding when it starts purring and 'talking' to you!

We tell her everyday that from now on, where we go, she goes. I think she's starting to get the idea!

This has been so rewarding for us, and hopefully for Mims too. We both thank you from the bottom of our heart. Mims is so loved here with us.

Bec and Matt (and Mims!)

August 6, 2009

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