Lester, the computer savvy cat

Three months ago I moved to a country town about two hours from Melbourne. Before I moved I had been considering getting a cat and had browsed the Ingrid’s Haven website. I saw Lester on the website and fell for him instantly. When I read how he’d been there for so long and tried to sell himself but kept getting overlooked, my heart went out to him. He’d had a couple of cancer spots burnt off his nose and needed to be kept indoors to prevent the cancer returning. He had a mark on his nose from the cancer and he wasn’t a young cat anymore. These things meant that he’d had great trouble finding a home.

As a few months went by in my new home, I got increasingly lonely. All my friends and family were in Melbourne. I kept looking at Lester on the website but decided it would be wrong to get him as I made a regular overnight trip to Melbourne every fortnight and he’d be left alone for that time. Finally, I thought that I would ask Ingrid her opinion so I emailed her. She replied that Lester would much rather have a nice home of his own than be in a shelter, even if he was left overnight occasionally. I received Ingrid’s email Sunday morning. By Sunday night, Lester was with me.

The picture of him showed a handsome cat with a little mark on his nose, but I thought perhaps the picture didn’t show the full extent of the damage. That would explain why he’d been passed up for more attractive cats. I prepared myself in case he was disfigured. But he’s was a gorgeous cat! The mark on his nose looked just like part of his colouring. Even if he had been badly scarred, his personality would have more than compensated. He is so affectionate and gentle. He’s always ready for a cuddle and rewards you with a loud purr. The moment he saw me at Ingrid’s he ran up to me and started smooching. I loved him instantly.

We drove back from Wallan and stayed the night at my mum’s. He started purring the moment he got in the door. I felt truly awful the next day when I had to put him back in his carrier to drive to my place. He must have been very confused and worried that he was going back to the shelter. When we finally got to his new home, he was understandably subdued. It took him a few days to realise he now had a forever home. I hope all the cuddles he got helped make it a bit easier.

After having to share an enclosure with other cats he now has a whole house to himself, with heaters in every room and his choice of chairs to snooze on. He’s made a huge difference in my life and I only wish that I’d adopted him all those months ago when I first saw him on Ingrid’s site. I’m so grateful to Ingrid, her wonderful helpers and the kind people who sponsored Lester. They took excellent care of my boy but now he has a home all of his own, forever.

Yasmin and Lester.
July 2010

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