Two Happy Tails

Hi Ingrid,
I just thought I would drop you a line to let you know how things are going with Lily (Kajsa) & Baldric (Balderic – sorry I spell it differently but that is what was on the vet card and I just used that spelling).

As soon as Lily arrived she seemed right at home. It was amazing! She didn’t hide or cringe around the house…no, not Lily, she strutted around, tail held high and checked everything out. I think she decided that we were okay and she was happy to stay. Honestly it as if she has always been with us.

Baldric was a little tentative about Lily at first but it didn’t take long before they were checking each other out and getting to know each other. If Baldric hissed at Lily she just hissed right back, she was never fazed. Now they run around the house chasing each other, they groom each other and at night they are usually both with me on my bed. I end up having no room, of course, whilst they are very comfortable, spread out and with Baldric usually snoring. Lily has really fitted well into the family and she gets along with Baldric really well, although she is a little bossy and he is such a gentle soul that he lets her walk all over him…literally!

Baldric is such a delight, I have never met a cat like him and I have had the privilege of sharing my life with many cats over the years. He is so affectionate and `such a smooch, he just wants to cuddle all the time. It is never because he wants something like food, it is just Baldric. Friends and family, who often visit us & are not usually animal people let alone cat people, have fallen in love with Baldric! It is unbelievable. He is at the door when I leave in the morning and comes to greet me when I get home at night. When my Uncle visits he looks for Baldric before he says hello to us! We sometimes think Baldric is more like a dog…although we would never say that in front of him.

Lily is a sweetie too and whilst she is still a kitten and would rather tear you to pieces than give you a hug, she is a real lap cat and loves to settle on your knee…on any knee actually and sleep.

She also likes to groom my hair which can be a very strange experience.

Ingrid I can’t thank you enough, in fact there are no words…Lily & Baldric are wonderful companions and have brought joy to our home. I am so grateful to you.

I’ll keep sending photos.

Take care.
Kindest regards,
Debra, Baldric & Lily
September 24, 2008


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