Gary, welcome to the family

No family is truly complete without a pet.

Welcome to our family Gary - or should we let it be known … "Gary Stuart (yes after the mouse!), Ginja Ninja, Kinker, Broderick". You came into our lives or our daughter’s lives in April 2007. Your mum had been killed by a car, and you and your three siblings, Gina, Gerry and George (the Fur Gs!) were very fortunate to have found Ingrid who hand-reared you all.

My two daughters, Ebony who is 12 and Jasmin who is eight are very much cat lovers, (too much of their mother's influence some might say!) jumped at the chance to help Ingrid. Many Saturday afternoons were spent with the 4 Gs, feeding and cuddling and watching them grow into mischievous inquisitive kittens. Gina, Gerry and George found loving homes while Gary still remained. It really didn’t take too much persuading or numerous whispers in our ears of "Gary needs a home" that he finally came home to join our family, which consisted of our other two cats, Lucky who is 17, and Victoria who is 15. We spent our days making sure we introduced Gary slowly to our old girls, he just wanted to be instant friends, but alas no siree!


Victoria would not warm to him at all and Lucky will only touch noses if Gary remains still, which is near impossible! Even though it is only early days, my instinct tells me that they will never share the same hot water bottle.

Gary’s favourite pastime is running up the curtains (a squirt of water soon fixed that!) and grabbing at feet (anyone's, he's not fussy!).

Gary will be much loved and cared for throughout his life and in the short time he has been with us has brought us much joy and laughter.

Donna, Anthony, Ebony and Jasmin Broderick - and our gorgeous cats, Lucky and Victoria.

July 26, 2007


Bert has found a home and now lives the high life in Darraweit Guim with four-legged brother PussPuss, and two-legged sister Lily Victoria.

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