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Updated August 10, 2018

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All cats and kittens are desexed, wormed, microchipped, flea treated and vaccinated. Adult cats are $110, kittens under six months $150. These prices are to cover the desexing and vacccinations etc. Some purebreds may cost more.Contact Ingrid for more information about the beautiful cats.
If you'd like to adopt a cat, call Ingrid on 0417 360 700, or email
The Haven is open on Saturdays from 11am-4pm, or by appointment.


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Emailed Ingrid and not heard back?
If anyone has emailed Ingrid (especially BigPond users) and has not heard from her within 48 hours, please call 0417 360 700.

I want a forever homeMontgomery
Montgomery has spent several years at the Haven being in charge of the shed. Monty as he is affectionately known is also the Haven’s blood donor when needed hence he has to keep up his body size and no, he is not pregnant, promise, he is de-sexed. Monty originally arrived from Mildura pound where his owner found him but refused to pay the release fee, how could I let him die up there? Monty is very used to dogs and dominant to other cats. M/C 956000008853212

Montgomery is proudly sponsored by Helena, Nick, in loving memory of Chelsea and havenite Ian

I want a forever homeRusella
Russella is such a sweet little cat. She was clever enough not to go into a trap when her siblings all did and was consequently destroyed. Russella instead hid and only emerged when the rangers had left and was ever since cared for by a kind man and his fellow workers. Then Russella had kittens and help was needed. Amongst pallets and rubble we picked the kittens up with mum and they were all taken to the Haven. The kittens, beautiful and affectionate as they were, were soon snapped up and Russella remains as most of the mothers do. Please, someone come and meet this cat, she will be the gem in your house. M/C 956000004084201

Russella is proudly sponsored by Nicky, Havenites Lewis, Robbie, Babette and Spencer in memory of Harvey.

I want a forever homeBootsie
Bootsie, brother of Shane, is not as outgoing as his brother but still is happy for a pat and some quiet time. The brothers would dearly love to go together to keep a caring owner’s stable free of mice and rats. They can still come and go in the house if they prefer. M/C 956000003142563.

Bootsie is proudly sponsored by Chriss, Jamie and havenite Lyra/Dorothy.

I want a forever homeScruffy
Scruffy, he was scruffy when he arrived but what can one expect. Churned out on the streets to fend for himself. Got infected with the FIV virus with a heavy dose of ear mites as a result, skinny with a tangled coat. Things are looking up for the boy though. He keeps himself in excellent condition, has been to the dentist and is ready for anyone with a big heart that loves fluffy white boys. And yes, he is FIV positive. M/C 956000009379564

Scruffy is proudly sponsored by Dario and Sally

I want a forever homeKiara
Kiara, beautiful a few but finds people scary. Kiara is fine with dogs and other cats but she needs some time spent on her in order to learn to trust humans having been born outside to an abandoned mother. As Kiara is still young she will soon get her confidence and then will be devoted to her owner. M/C 956000009554394

Kiara is proudly sponsored by Liz and Russell and their cats

I want a forever homeGhost
Ghost is a few years old and has a very strange history behind her. Her owner was told she was found dead on the road by the shire but a year after her ‘death’ Ghost surfaced at the Haven very much alive. Her first name was Lucy. Unfortunately her owner has moved and can’t take Ghost back but this cat is kid friendly, doesn’t care about dogs but keep the number of cats down, please. Maybe a kitten later. M/C 956000004423025

Ghost is proudly sponsored by Sally, Laurie, former Havenite Broadie and her feline friends

I want a forever homePetal
Petal, pretty as a rose petal. She is only a teenager and unfortunately ended up in the pound abandoned because she was a free kitten. Petal has a sunny outlook on life and she is fine with everything on two or four legs. Petal must have an inside home due to her pale complexion. This should go for every cat, cats are not safe having to dodge traffic, dogs, snakes, neighbours with ill intent etc. M/C 956000006309254

Petal is proudly sponsored by Tania and Damo, cats Stella and Cinnamon

I want a forever homeLucas
Lucas is very good looking and knows it. He also has issues with other male cats, standing over them, a bully at his finest. Lucas is great with people, ok with dogs but needs to tone down a bit. M/C 956000006318108

Lucas is proudly sponsored by Pip, Alex, Ruby, Olivia and their furbabies Stella, Memphis, Saucey, Banjo and Chardy.

I want a forever homeAnton
Anton, young and family orientated. Kid, cat and dog friendly. This little boy was petrified upon arrival from the pound but is now out and about looking for cuddles whenever a human enters his enclosure. M/C 956000005798217

Anton is proudly sponsored by Anne Marie in memory of a much loved cat Mystery

I want a forever homeBuddy & Gilligan
Buddy & Gilligan, two young boys that have been together since kitten hood. Gilligan is the guy in red and Buddy is black as the night. Buddy is also FIV positive whereas Gilligan is negative but has been vaccinated against the virus. They would dearly love to stay close for the rest of their lives being such a bonded pair. The boys are a tad timid so maybe not for young kids but they are dog friendly and of course cat friendly. Very cute fluffy duo. M/C 956000009369217, 956000009362813

Buddy is proudly sponsored by Karen and Kevin, ex havenites Bibi and Fox (ex Lou and Louella) and in memory of Tigger Jazz, Bear and Babe

Gilligan is proudly sponsored by Michele and cats Marlow and Eliot

I want a forever homeFreesia
Freesia in semi longhair is beautiful. She thinks herself a tad above the other mere mortals in her enclosure but doesn’t fight, rather indifferent to them. Freesia is OK with dogs and if anyone wants something to look stunning on the couch, Freesia is the one. M/C 956000005709576

Freesia is proudly sponsored by Tanya Dellaportas

I want a forever homeMervette
Mervette was owned but not cared for, certainly not de-sexed as she had kittens. A family member arranged for Mervette to come into care with her 2 boys. There was a little hick up on delivery as the kittens couldn’t be found but the boys were found and the little family reunited. And people tell me animals have no feelings, they didn’t hear and see Mervette when she got her babies brought, we all cried. Atm Mervette hates dogs which is understandable, she is protecting her kittens but I am sure that will change once the babies are gone. M/C 956000005690064

Mervette is proudly sponsored by Gabrielle, Andrew, cats Latte, Casper, Spike and Milo

I want a forever homeJeff Valentino
Jeff Valentino, FIV positive and that says it all. Jeff Valentino is the sweetest, loveliest, most affectionate cat around. This goes for most of the positive cats, don’t ask me why but they are so people orientated. Being FIV positive means nothing more than that their immune system is compromised, they need inside homes, twice yearly vet checks, vaccination and worming up to date and then all the love is yours. FIV can ONLY be spread from cat to cat by deep bite wounds. M/C 956000009366248

Jeff Valentino is proudly sponsored by Heather and her cats.

I want a forever homeLen
Len, also FIV positive is just a loving as Achilles. He has this big boffy head, can eat like there’s no tomorrow and wants to cuddles and play. He is great with dogs.
FIV positive means nothing more than that their immune system is compromised, they need inside homes, twice yearly vet checks, vaccination and worming up to date and then all the love is yours. FIV can ONLY be spread from cat to cat by deep bite wounds. M/C 956000009381122

Len is proudly sponsored by Alexandra in memory of Fizz

I want a forever homeMagnolia
Magnolia is a sweet deaf young girl. She is so very affectionate and gets along with her fellow cats, Eddie Dog and everyone on two legs. She needs a quiet household though, not too many youngsters running around surprising her because she can’t hear. The best way to alert a deaf cat about you approaching is to step heavily so the cat can feel the vibration. Then there is sign language which cats are quick to pick up on. This little flower girl is so worth taking home. M/C 956000005711382

Magnolia is proudly sponsored by Beth, Rod, Ellie and all their cats in memory of Kath, a very dear friend

I want a forever homeCromwell
Cromwell, he loves people but he is not for kids as he can nip when he has had enough. Cromwelll gets along fine with the other cats and has shown no bad reaction to Eddie Dog, rather indifferent to that smelly specie. M/C 956000005709525

Cromwell is proudly sponsored by Rebecca-Lee and havenites Phoebe, Maximus and Ali

I want a forever homeCandice
Candice, only a baby but what a baby she is. Cute as an apple pie, playful as a kitten, gets along with dogs, cats, kids you name it but only if she gets her daily dose of tummy rubs. M/C 956000005702814

Candice is proudly sponsored by Tania and Damo, cats Stella and Cinnamon

I want a forever homeBingo
Bingo, this senior cat has lived her entire life as an outside cat and so she suffers from arthritis for which she get pain relief. But to my sadness and I didn’t see it coming Bingo is also positive to FIV. This will make it extra hard to find her a home but I hope and dream someone has got a big heart who will take her on in her old age. Bingo arrived at the shelter because she was going to be left behind when her owners moved and a kind neighbour stepped in and brought this little sad cat. Note though she has never suffered abuse. Another cat to break my heart. M/C 956000005798175

Bingo is proudly sponsored by Meredith

I want a forever homeBoris
Boris, another one. A teddy bear to love and behold. Boris is positive to the aids virus, meaning his immune system is compromised and he MUST be an inside cat or with a secure enclosure. Please, google the FIV virus, over come the stigma and come to adopt her or any of the other positive cats, they are so very special. M/C 956000005799235

Boris is proudly sponsored by Claire Smith, cats Poppet, Morris, Zach & Myfanwy from WA.

I want a forever homeBear
Bear, this grey teddy bear of a cat is also positive to FIV and that makes him outstanding. You would think these big former street cats would fight and be aggressive. Nothing could be further from the truth, they are teddy bears all of them and once you meet one, there’s no going back. Bear is positive to the aids virus, meaning his immune system is compromised and he MUST be an inside cat or with a secure enclosure. Please, google the FIV virus, over come the stigma and come to adopt her or any of the other positive cats, they are so very special. M/C 956000009361342

Bear is proudly sponsored by Deirdre as a birthday gift to Laura Wood

I want a forever homeAchilles
Achilles, yes, he is tabby, he is FIV positive and like all the positive cats he has got that very special something. He is divine. Being FIV positive means that the immune system is compromised but with good care, an inside home, regular vet checks he is no different from any other cat and other negative cats can be vaccinated against the virus. The virus can NOT be spread to any other species and is only transferred by deep bite wounds. M/C 956000005348877

Achilles is proudly sponsored by Louise in memory of Zen and Freyja

I want a forever homeTigger
Tigger, this handsome tabby has some scar tissue in both his eyes and it will most likely heal further. Tabby as Tigger is means one thing, affection, but in Tigger’s case he needs to know you a bit first but once there he is the cat. Tigger is from a hoarding situation so hasn’t had the best of lives. M/C 956000005429203

Tigger is proudly sponsored by The Bates Family.

I want a forever homePottchy
Pottchy, this cat comes from a hoarder situation, he is young, so cat friendly and he can purr. It was actually surprising to find him sitting alone for the photo, normally he is cuddling up with his family. Pottchy is a tad weary of dogs but proper introduction will take care of this. M/C 956000005690422

Pottchy is proudly sponsored by Katrina and cat Maya

I want a forever homeMalin
Malin arrived with two kittens, one has got a home but her son remains with her. Malin is a tad shy but has come such a long way since she arrived from the pound Malin is fine with dogs and doesn’t seem to mind living with a heap of other cats. M/C 956000008417147

Malin is proudly sponsored by Annelise and Hans, cat Bindi

I want a forever homeMaudie
Maudie is scared but she wants to be friendly. It is just a bit too much for her to settle into shelter life. Maudie is fine with the other cats, takes one look at Eddie Dog when he visits and disappears, watching form a distance but no aggression. Maudie loves her food and that’s when I can sneak in a pat or two. M/C 956000009549283

Maudie is proudly sponsored by Heidi and Havenite Lara/Marli.

I want a forever homeDebbie
Debbie arrived as a very scared foster mother to several little kittens, all her own kittens were still born but she embraced all the little orphans the vet clinic asked her to look after. She has done an outstanding job and my gratitude to these mama cats who give and give is boundless. Although a little shy, Debbie will blossom in a home with love and tenderness. Debbie is fine with dogs but is not for small kids as she is shy. M/C 956000009573851

Debbie is proudly sponsored by Paula Stevens

I want a forever homeMadeleine
Madeleine this rather shy cats wants to but oh, people are scary. She loves her food, gets along with the other cats and has so far not seemed to be bothered by dogs. These shy cats become the most devoted of pets to their owners once their confidence is up while still remaining weary of strangers which is a good thing.

Madeleine is proudly sponsored by Therese and James, cats Sooty, Kit, Kat, Fergus, Biscuit, Mozart and Savannah, dogs Tayla and Indi

I want a forever homeJefferson
Jefferson, young, handsome and super loving. Playful when he can let loose and his ginger colouring is a very deep shade. Fine with dogs. M/C 956000009520383

Jefferson is proudly sponsored by Melissa, cat Wilson in memory of the much loved Harrison

I want a forever homeJennifer
Jennifer, a beautiful mama cat that had kittens just as good looking as herself. This is a real family cat, fine with kids, cats and dogs. Jennifer is a gem and she did raise so many orpahns for me apart from her own litter, doesn’t she deserve a reward for this in the shape of a home? M/C 956000009553383

Jennifer is proudly sponsored by Emma in memory of Millie

I want a forever homeMunchkin
Munchkin, this cat extra ordinar. I know he is white and will therefor find it difficult to find a home as he will also have to stay indoors 100% due to the cancer risk. Munchkin though is the sweetest, most affectionate and kindest of cats. He was run over by a car and broke his jaw but was found in time, rushed to hospital where his jaw was put back together again. He has a slight M/C 900032002958595

Munchkin is proudly sponsored by Jill and her pets.

I want a forever homePeter
Peter is barely out of his short pants but such a lovely little chap. Peter is in prison because a testicle had to be removed from his groin and while he recovers from the operation he will have a cosy one bed room unit all to himself. Peter is fine with dogs and cats and would be perfect as a family member with kids. M/C 956000009563804

Peter is proudly sponsored by Victoria, Joshua, cats Ginge and Milo. In memory of Kitty.

I want a forever homeMayflower
Mayflower is beautiful to look at and is seeking pats as often as possible. But she doesn’t want to be picked up, preferring to sit next to you instead. Having been around dogs, they are not a problem and she seems to be fine with the other cats inn her Philadelphia enclosure. Mayflower is positive to the aids virus, meaning her immune system is compromised and she MUST be an inside cat or with a secure enclosure. Please, google the FIV virus, over come the stigma and come to adopt her or any of the other positive cats, they are so very special. 956000006218022

Mayflower is proudly sponsored by Mat and Phil, havenites Brandon and Ginger Meggs

I want a forever homeLinden
Linden is on the young side, very pretty in her white coat. Note that this cat must live inside due to her pale complexion or she will get skin cancer on her ears and nose. Linden is a lively cat, loves to play and loves to cuddle. She is not too fond of other felines but maybe add a kitten after she has settled in. M/C 956000006192409

Linden is proudly sponsored by Sue and her cats Rosie and Toby, in memory of Rocky.

I want a forever homeRoxanne
Roxanne hates other cats, she is upset beyond words being in a shelter with all these horrible other felines around. Roxanne has proved to settle as an one cat only but sadly things didn’t work out when her owner decided to move into a share house with a lot of other cats already in residence. M/C 956000005583668

Roxanne is proudly sponsored by Lisa and Adam

I want a forever homeBanana
Banana, he is the sweetest tabby cat around but very sad circumstances brought him to the Haven. Banana’s owner didn’t have a resident visa and had to surrender his cat when forced out of the country. Banana has always been an inside cat, well loved but now he has lost everything. This cat has the world of love to give to anyone. Unfortunately the cats suffer when the adopters are not checked out if they have residency or not and are able to keep a pet for its life span. M/C 900012001076701

Banana is proudly sponsored by Alexandra in memory of Fizz

I want a forever homeCathy & Minnie Moo
Cathy and Minnie Moo, mother and daughter team that would dearly want to stay together. Cathy hasn’t raised her daughter all that well, Minnie Moo hisses at strangers but pick the little fluff ball up and call her bluff and she is fine, she is only little and she actually loves a cuddles but won’t admit it. Cathy herself is a very sweet cat. M/C 956000009415551

Cathy and Minnie Moo is proudly sponsored by Caryn, cats Nushka and Jaffa in memory of Chelli

I want a forever homeJoeBama
JoeBama is another positive cat, rather sweet. JoBama has the virus, yes, but the virus is not active and may never become active. Merlin is just like any other cat, the difference is that we know he has tested positive. How many owned cats have been tested? A FIV + cat needs to be confined but so should all cats be anyway, the free roaming days are over and I agree as cats actually live longer when not having to battle traffic, dogs, foxes, humans with evil intent, snakes, you name it. Read up on FIV, take the stigma out of it and come and adopt one of these for some reason so very affectionate cats. M/C 956000006329604

JoeBama is proudly sponsored by Melissa, and cats Moulin, Teddy and havenites Slinky and Hannah

I want a forever homeElsa
Elsa arrived with lots of kittens, she had five of her own, had taken on orphans in the pound since the mother was killed just after giving birth. Elsa took her mothering very seriously and raised the brood to kittens to be proud of. OK, I helped feeding them during the day but the honour goes to Elsa. Now she sits here as a shelter cat waiting and hoping that someone, just someone will come and take her home. Elsa is fine with dogs and cats. M/C 956000006256120

Elsa is proudly sponsored for Kath’s birthday by her sister Deb

I want a forever homeSaga
Saga arrived with her three little boys who got homes straight away while Saga is still sitting in the shelter hoping and wishing it will happen to her too to live a decent life as an owned cat. Saga is rather particular about whom she likes or doesn’t like. Saga her name means Fairy-tale is a lap cat. She would prefer a home without other pesky felines and is not fond of dogs.M/C 956000006191370

Saga is proudly sponsored by Rose and her two cats

I want a forever homeRaymond
Raymond, this great cat is FIV positive but he hasn’t let this stop him. He hasn’t got a clue and this is the beauty of animals, they don’t dwell on things like positive or negative. Raymond wants to be an inside cat, he has had enough of being outside being attacked by other street cats, trying to defend himself being attacked. Please, inform yourself about the FIV virus, there are great articles on the net and then come and meet the FIV cats and fall in love. M/C 956000009550958

Raymond is proudly sponsored by Heather, cat Sammie, in memory of Annie

I want a forever homePhyllis
Phyllis was found starved and in a very bad condition. She suffered from fatty liver issues which was quickly attended to once she arrived to the Haven. This is a very typical thing to happen to formerly obese animals and why did Phyllis have to suffer this? She was clearly dumped, assumed she could take care of herself but surprise, surprise, she couldn’t. Phyllis is now in excellent health, has a good appetite, almost too good and is eagerly awaiting that special home where she knows she will be safe/loved for the rest of her life. M/C 956000006216285

Phyllis is proudly sponsored by Laura and Michael, cats Mathilda and havenite Pirate

I want a forever homeNile
Nile, this little love seeking cat is approaching everyone that comes into his enclosure but so far he has had no luck. I caught him sunbaking, had to tiptoe to get the photo otherwise he would have been up for a cuddle and a pic of him been impossible. Nile is great with the other cats and has got nothing against Eddie Dog when he visits. M/C 956000006328251

Nile is proudly sponsored by Joo and Ellen, cat Missy Viray

I want a forever homeFelix
Felix is a male on the smaller side. He is super affectionate to two legged animals like humans but does not like cats and nor dogs. Care should be taken in summer because of his white nose. M/C 956000004078414

Felix is proudly sponsored by David and his cat Tom

I want a forever homeHelmer
Helmer a former hoarder cat has settled in with the luxury of food on tap, a warm soft bed for cold nights and some of his relatives around him. Helmer is very used to other cats and is fine with dogs. A true country boy this one. M/C 956000004447689

Helmer is proudly sponsored by Robyn, ex havenites Bella and Kitty.

I want a forever homeHugo
Hugo, this big long haired cat has fallen very ill with a fungus infection for which he is undergoing treatment. Treatment that will last for 6 months. Hugo himself doesn’t mind much, he has a warm bed, a very full belly, his own veterinarian in Dr Darren and a shelter operator that adores him plus vollies that offer cuddles and pats as much as they find time for. Hugo is lapping it all up but can for obvious reason not be put up for adoption just yet. The cat is kid and dog friendly and a big bundle of hair and joy. Hugo has not yet been chipped as we will wait with this till he feels better.

Hugo is proudly sponsored by Rebecca in loving memory of Coco and Bruiser

I want a forever homeMorris
Morris doesn’t know what hit him. He lost everything in a flash like most of my cats have only Morris doesn’t cope as well as the others with shelter life. Morris is always available for a pat and a kind word but he doesn’t mingle and I don’t think he will for a long time unless someone comes and offers him a place of his own where he again can be free, be a cat. My heart aches for these lost sould. M/S 956000006217570

Morris is proudly sponsored by Emma, in memory of Zona

I want a forever homeHannes
Hannes, tabby, says everything. Tabby cats are so special and so people orientated and Hannes once he has overcome his shyness will be no exception. Hannes is dog friendly. M/C 956000006215814

Hannes is proudly sponsored by Jo and Bree

I want a forever homeMimmy
Mimmy was born in the streets, she has never known a home and she is shy. These shy cats once they overcome their shyness becomes very devoted to their owner but it can take time. A lot of understanding and patience need to be put in place. Mimmy is very used to dogs but not kids and she needs a mature owner that is willing to give her a chance. M/C 956000005587956

Mimmy is proudly sponsored by Tim and Leanne, their two cats Jessie and Bear.

I want a forever homeJimmy
Jimmy, also a street cat, he is so shy and afraid of the human touch but still he sits there and watches when food is put on the table. Jimmy is very used to dogs and other cats. Someone big hearted may want to take him on, the rewards will be immense. M/C 956000005584983

Jimmy is proudly sponsored by Brioni and Hannan, in memory of Dee Dee

I want a forever homeRadar
Radar, look at this boy! He is so good looking but he is not quite sure about humans. In time he will relax and realise not all humans are bad. My heart aches for these cats, they lose everything, their world turns upside down, the only thing I can do is to look after them, assure them that better times are ahead and may it be so for Radar. What did he do to deserve this? M/C 956000005399758

Radar is proudly sponsored by Marco in memory of her mother Teresa and his brother Erik

Gareth has now had enough of shelter life. He is handsome, he gets on with other cats and dogs and all he wants is a house with toys and food, a loving human or more and he will be only too happy to share your bed at night, purring away. But, there is always a but, gareth is timid, he will hide to begin with but if you have the patience he is the one.
Is this too much to ask from a little chap that was surrendered as a tiny kitten and has seen all his siblings and pen mates carried off to futures as loved family members? Why not him? M/C 956000002565417.

Gareth is proudly sponsored by Hollie, her cats Smudge and Biscuit, rabbits Sasha and Twix.

I want a forever homeKurt
Kurt, a very handsome FIV positive boy. He is so affectionate and cuddly and so hard to resist when he approaches for a cuddle. FIV positive cats carry the virus and their immune system is compromised. Hence good care, twice yearly veterinary visits, worming and vaccinations up to date. Inside home with or without an enclosure as all cats should enjoy and Bob’s your uncle. Inform yourself about the virus, take the stigma out of it and come and adopt one of these wonderful people orientated cats. M/C 956000004880069

Kurt is proudly sponsored by Sharyn, in memory of Flynn.

Adopt a senior catSensational Seniors
I have a number of Senior Cats, all beautiful and affectionate. I also know it takes a special kind of person to take one of these golden oldies in, "they are not value for money" as one woman coldly expressed it. But I disagree - they are more valuable and special than anyone could imagine. There is no price on the love a senior rescue cat will give you. And some people have the gift of giving, thinking of an older pet as something to treasure and only wanting to make these last years on earth happy and fulfilled for a senior that has been cruelly abandoned when they needed their owners the most and as I say over and over it is not quantity that counts but quality. These cats have so much to give, they are so grateful for a warm spot to sleep in, good food and to sit on a lap being cuddled, it will be Paradise on earth and you can be the giver.

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Jess and Macca, and cats Oscar and Meathead.

Janice and cat Molly, in loving memory of Max & Ebony

Azadi, Tim and Mahshid with cats Sosol and Samira

Jo, her dogs Baxter and Marty, cats Sebastian and Lily

Jolinda, cats Della, Inca and Mouse


Jacki, cats Gunter, Izzy and Mincey

Sue and Havenite Annie

Lina, Annette, Alyssa, cats Spot, Skinny and Fluff

Tabitha in memory of RooRoo

Marge B from Boston

Dawn, cats Luna, Whispurr, Mambo and Cabbage for a very special cat

Peter and Trish in memory of our Stanley Cat

Leanne and cat Roughie

Jade and her cat

Roz and Lib in memory of Marta and Mara

Liz in memory of Precious

Marie, cats Tiger, Louie and Tabitha, in memory of Pixie

Christina, Mun-Yee & Skyler Meow

Judy and her cats Big Puss, Little Piss in Memory of Tim and cat OP

Julie, Paul and cat Erik, in memory of Roxanne and Kitty

Meah and Justin, dog Barkley and havenite Guy/Rupert

Gillian, cats aGGI and JiZe

Jeanne, Dale and Zhara McArthur in memory of our Max

Sally and Markham, beloved cat Jess

PG and Kelly and a very special
ginger cat

Bex, havenites
Felix and Zac,
in memory of Asia

Tasma and cat Minou, Skövde, Sweden

Evelyn and Laurent, havenites Lola and Misha

Lisa, cats Ruben, Ruby and Mooka

Kristy and her cats Samuel and Lucy - in memory of Tabitha

Kellie, Mick, dog Foxy and cat Max

Anna and Steph

Jeanette, dog Mindy and cat Sylvie

Tereza, Alyssa, cats Baci and Neko

Beth, Brad and former Havenite Batman

Rosemary and tabby cat Pajamas

Jenny, and cats Bailey andHester

Katie, Kitty, cats Arlo and Shelby, in memory of Genie

Venesa, Phil and former Havenite Sue/Meeka

Boli, cats Queenie and Dot

Christina Branidis, sponsor for Senior enclosure 2 rescue pussycats, brothers Humphrey and Houdini, in memory of Moggy

Robyn, her two cats in memory of Rahnee and Meah

Angela in memory of Zeus

Tamika, Paul, Bennett, FIV cats Belle and Sebastian