Uma arrived last summer with five little kittens that have all found homes. Uma herself is very timid and no pressure is put upon her, if she wants to be a lap cat she can be if she doesn’t she can call the Haven her home but miracles do happen, Sunlight found himself a home so who knows. Uma accepts a pat but that is as far as she wants to take it, she has got boundaries this little cat.

Uma is proudly sponsored by Leo and his cat.

Anne Marie, is a beautiful young girl but very, very timid. The good news are that this can be turned around with lots of TLC and re assurance. I know she can purr. Will someone be prepared to put the time and effort into this stunning looking girl? M/C 956000002453353.

Anne-Marie is proudly sponsored by Anne with cats Mink and brother Ian in memory of Birdie.

Claude is a middle aged male and after taking his time to get used to the other cats has settled in very nicely. He is affectionate and handsome if you can look away from bad hair
days, he is not big on grooming this chap. M/C 956000002324812

Claude is proudly sponsored by Gigi, cats Quincey, Betty and Chanel, and dog Leo. 
Adopt a senior catSensational Seniors
I have a number of Senior Cats, all beautiful and affectionate. I also know it takes a special kind of person to take one of these golden oldies in, "they are not value for money" as one woman coldly expressed it. But I disagree - they are more valuable and special than anyone could imagine. There is no price on the love a senior rescue cat will give you. And some people have the gift of giving, thinking of an older pet as something to treasure and only wanting to make these last years on earth happy and fulfilled for a senior that has been cruelly abandoned when they needed their owners the most and as I say over and over it is not quantity that counts but quality. These cats have so much to give, they are so grateful for a warm spot to sleep in, good food and to sit on a lap being cuddled, it will be Paradise on earth and you can be the giver.



Dagny now lives in Footscray. Read all about her in our Happy Tails section.

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