Ticha was abandoned at the age of nine, but now has a human of her own. Photo Anne Fawcett.

Over 250,000 unwanted cats and dogs are killed in pounds and shelters in Australia every year, just because they can't find homes.

These are innocent animals, whose original human companions did not take responsibility for them.

Be part of the solution. Adopt a rescue animal.

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VIDEO: What will become of these street cats
In Barcelona more than 500 homeless cats live in the area where construction of the high speed train route between Barcelona and Madrid will soon begin. They suffer from cold, hunger and mistreatment but the city council of Barcelona has done nothing to resolve this problem. Public work projects have been the cause of killing many abandoned cats in the past and we want to avoid another massacre. The city council of Barcelona has ignored our petition to do something to save the cats and the local media sarcastically claim that the cats live happily along this route and that are other more important things for the local council to discuss.

This is an URGENT SOS, because the construction works of the Sagrera station and the high speed train routes will begin before May 2007 and many people prefer the city council of Barcelona not to spend money on cats under the influence of local journalists, who deride our attempts as trivial. If we can't get concrete promise to create controlled cat colonies and to do TN"R" (trap-neuter-"return to safe places") soon, most of the cats will be killed by the construction works or by the insensible people who poison these poor animals.

Settling an adult cat settle into a new home
Adopting an adult cat is a deeply rewarding experience. These cats, after having had the indignity of competing with those cute kittens, make fine companions... more

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This is an email from a wonderful human who adopted one of the Haven cats - a little girl that needed that extra bit of time to settle in.
Most rescue cats and dogs will settle in remarkably quickly, but some will need some extra time and patience from you. But as you will read, your efforts will be repaid one thousand-fold ...

Older and loving it
Adult and senior cats are fabulous. One common misconception about adult and senior cats seeking homes is that they've got "something wrong" with them. But this is rarely the case...

Kitten-proofing your home

Kittens have incredibly inquisitive natures, which is part of the reason why we love them, but it can get them into trouble... more

Cats and kids: what do I need to know?

Growing up with a pet in the family enriches a person’s childhood. And many children form their first sentences around words like “I want a kitten”. But toddlers, despite their innocent intentions, love to poke, prod and investigate things, and this can be quite rough from the cat’s point of view... more

Playing games
Contrary to popular belief, many adult cats are indeed playful creatures. Play equals exercise and stimulation, and for cats, the best games are the ones where you are involved... more

Pregnant women and cats

Every pregnant woman wants to do the very best for her baby, and many expectant mothers have concerns about contracting the parasite toxoplasmosis from their feline friends. There is no need, however, to consider rehoming your pet... more

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